Pricing is determined after initial free consultation

*Tier 1 is $    per server ($     per cloud server) + $    per workstation + $    per peripheral


Hourly Rate $139

Discount Hourly Rate for BNI Members $130/hour

Discount Hourly Rate for Non-Profits $95/hour

After Hours and Weekends $189/hour

Other Discounts May Apply


TIER 1 MSP – Managed Services Plan

The Tier 1 Managed Services Plan is for complete management of the network, including onsite and offsite support for existing hardware, users and software. Priority service and guarantee response time ensures these clients feel as though they have an on-site IT department. The priority response time often results in immediate service which includes onsite issues during normal business hours. Emergency services available after-hours or weekends at a discounted after-hours rate.

TIER 2 MSP - Managed Plan

The Tier 2 Managed Services fixed monthly fee includes basic maintenance labor and services that are individually selected to include cafeteria style to be billed monthly. These clients will receive priority service above any client that is not on a monthly plan.

TIER 3 Remote Only Help Desk Support Plan
The Remote Only plan provides helpdesk remote support during normal business hours. This plan is designed specifically for those firms looking to outsource help desk support, to reduce IT support costs, or are out of our onsite service areas. Additional services or support would be billed at the hourly rate.


On-Call Service

On-Call Service is for companies who take care of their own IT maintenance but have a project or problem outside of their scope. There is a one hour minimum for on-call service. Payment is taken at the time of service.


Site visits are one hour minimum.